Lexie's Drive

Pad & Tampon Drive

Every year, women in poverty struggle to access period hygiene products because they are too expensive or simply unavailable. This can lead to severe health implications, or even missing work or school because of it. When homeless shelters across the nation were asked about what donations they needed most, the overwhelming response was for pads and tampons.

Thank you to everyone who has donated feminine hygiene products for my last two drives. Together we provided over 2500 pads and tampons to the local PADS shelter and the Grafton Food Pantry. When I am back from Purdue I will be conducting another drive. If you would like to be contacted when the next drive starts, please feel free to contact me at lexiesdrive@gmail.com.

In the meantime, please consider adding a box of pads or tampons to your list the next time you are shopping and drop them off at your nearest shelter or food pantry. Together we can make a difference, one tampon at a time. 

Learn more about this important issue - "An Invisible Issue" Lexie Ziolkowski, 2/5/2016

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