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Lexie's Challenge: Calling All Kyle Busch Fans!

My name is Lexie Ziolkowski and I believe Kyle Busch has the most loyal fans in NASCAR: Now let’s prove it!

“Lexie’s Challenge” is my challenge to fellow Kyle Busch fans to help support the Kyle Busch Foundation! This is the seventh year for the Challenge. Over the past six seasons, fans have donated over $12,000 worth of gift cards through the Challenge. Kyle and Samantha use these cards to buy Christmas gifts chosen specifically for each child at the group homes supported by the Kyle Busch Foundation.

Its really simple! Every time Kyle or a KBM driver wins a race in any of the three series, I buy a $5 gift card for the Kyle Busch Foundation. I am challenging all of Kyle’s fans to join me in pledging to buy a gift card every time Kyle or KBM wins—in ANY amount YOU choose – to a store such as Target, Dollar General, or Toys R Us, to be sent DIRECTLY to the Kyle Busch Foundation at the end of the season. 

This is a great way for us Kyle Busch fans to show how much we support him and thank him for everything he does for us!

REMEMBER send your gift cards DIRECTLY to the Kyle Busch Foundation:

Lexie’s Challenge
c/o Samantha Busch
Kyle Busch Foundation
351 Mazeppa Road
Mooresville, NC  28115

Last year, Kyle’s fans helped make Christmas dreams come true for over 200 children who have been through some very difficult times! Let’s all get the word out to as many Kyle Busch fans as we can. We have averaged over $2000 a year and I would love to make 2017 the best year ever.

-Lexie Ziolkowski

*Check out our Lexie's Challenge group on Facebook...it's a great place to connect with other fans and cheer on our favorite driver!

Check out this receipt from Samantha's shopping with our Challenge gift cards in 2014!

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